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I have restored and collected many pinball machines over the years, from all era's, electro mechanical (pre 1977) solid states (1977 - 1989) to the ultimate 90's DMD machines. While collecting is great I also offer additional services like restorations & troubleshooting.

Every machine is different and the level of restoration required is dependant on the condition of the machine. It is also dependant of you the customer. How far do you want to take the restoration? Most clients of mine I find will go the extra mile and want an overhaul, boards serviced, flippers rebuilt, mechanical assemblies gone through, boards serviced/updated and new LED's installed. 


This sounds great but there is a lot of repairs and or preventative maintenance that go on behind the scenes which are not necessarilly appreciated like the visuals of the playfield. Things like reflowing header pins on all the boards, changing capacitors throughout the machine ie: displays, power supply, sound board etc, cleaning switches, changing coil sleeves and much more! I find that if you only fix what is wrong with your pinball machine something else will fail and you will be back fixing it again. My goal is to have you playing your machine for years to come with only minor inevitable maintenance.

The ultimate restorations outfit your machine with a completely new playfield! Thank you so much to companies like CPR (Classic Playfield Reproductions based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia) we can now outfit your destroyed playfield with a playfield that is better then new. What else goes great with a new playfield? A new plastic set and new backglass!

If you purchase a machine from me I offer a 30 day no hassle warranty and basically an indefinite troubleshooting phone service. I am always happy to help. Shipping is also available!




Most Recent Restoration:

1980 Bally Skateball

1980 Williams Black Knight $5499.99

The Black Knight is truly an iconic piece of pinball history. Designed by the great Steve Richie this game is known for having the first multi level playfield and comes equipped with 4 Flippers, Multiball, Magna Save a Spinner, great voice and much more!

This machine is a very clean example, the playfield has been completely apart and cleaned then repopulated. The machine is entirely converted to LED's I have also added a few extra LED's where the playfield was dark. Also sports LED flipper buttons.

Not much else needs to be said about this machine it is ready to play!

Available Now


1980 Gottlieb Circus $3299.99


Circus is an extended wide body pinball machine manufactured by Gottlieb in 1980.

This machine features a wonderful artwork package by Gordon Morison. This machine has undergone an extensive restoration process and includes an amazing reproduction back glass. New LED's installed throughout the machine enhancing the original and reproduction artwork. All mechanisms and various parts have been disassembled & ultrasonically cleaned, new flipper components, rebuilt pop bumpers. Everything is completely functional and plays at it should. This machine really sports a great look which is guaranteed to be a great conversation starter as well a reliable fun game to play. The downside to this game is the audio, while games in 1980 included titles like Williams FirePower  and Black Knight Gottlieb was slow to become current. While the audio lacks this machine is still packed with a lot an array of interesting shots and a roto-target.

1992 Data East Lethal Weapon 3  $4999.99

Leathal Weapon 3 By Data East was their most successfull pinball machine. This example is in pretty decent condition but could use a new plastic set which can be obtainted at Classic Playfield Reproductions or Absolute Pinball. This game has 3 ball multi ball, 2 spinners, 3 pop bumpers, great ramps. Fully LED'd and ready to play.

Available Now

1980 Williams Alien Poker $2799.99

This Alien Poker pinball machine is a great affordable entry level pinball machine for a the new collector or a great option for someone that wants to take it to the next level. This machine could use a new playfield and plastic set. The 5 Bank Drop Target has been upgraded with a new NMP Sensor Board circumventing the troublesome slider boards with horshoe contacts.

While this machine is not in the best condition it plays great. Also Aliens playing poker hurtling through space makes for one cool theme!

Available Now

1981 Williams Pharaoh $4299.99

Another Williams classic pinball machine. This one was completely over shadowed by Black Knight however some argue it is a better game! The game has a great magna save feature where you have to hold the buttons down and manipulate the ball where black knight you simply pressed the button and waited. It also multi ball, 4 flippers and 3 sets of drop targets. This is a great addition to any pinball collection.

Available Now

1993 Data East Last Action Hero $5999.99

This 1993 Last Action Hero is packed for gameplay, 6 Ball Multi Ball, Magnets, Shaker Motor, Crane, Smart Missile, Captive Balls, Spinner, Ramps, 3 Pop Bumpers, drop target bank, 3 scoops and a ripper target! A great game and a great theme if you are a fan of Arnold. An overall fantastic machine.



1984 Williams Space Shuttle $6299.99

Williams Space Shuttle. An absolute classic. Fantastic sounds with great simple gameplay. This machine has a hefty price tag due to having a brand new CPR Playfield installed ($1300 Value just for the playfield) Completely LED'd and also sports a new CPR Mirrored Back Glass. This machine could use a couple new plastic pieces and a new Space Shuttle Model all available online and then you would truly have an excellent example of this machine.

Available Now

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